Drupal Presentation Theme Template

In preparation for my Patch Review presentation with xjm in Sydney next month, I designed a presentation template for use with Google docs. There isn't a good way to create a custom theme for Google docs presentations, so I found a custom KILL TWILL theme post from J Washburn and used it as a starting point to create one with Drupal colors.

OSX Mountain Lion General Set-up

I've had to set up my dev environment on a new install several times recently due to some hardware issues that required me to reinstall OSX several times. Since getting set up is one of the more frequent questions I field when doing core mentoring and get involved in core sprints, I figured it was high time I wrote the steps out anyway. This is the first in a series of posts leading to my full dev environment set-up. I imagine it would work in Lion as well.

I don't work for free.

You would't walk into your local office supply store and ask them to give you a ream of paper in exchange for shared ownership in your business. I guarantee you would never get free gas from your local station in exchange for empty promises. You won't get supplies to build a physical product for free, and if you hired someone to assemble it for resale, labor laws require you to pay them at least minimum wage. So, what makes it okay to ask professionals to work for free?

Pantheon Screencast Part 1

First part of the pantheon screencast I am making. Your feedback is much appreciated :)


Ignore Files in Git

There are two kinds of files we need to ignore (or exclude) in version control. Git handles both cases nicely, but every time I set up a new repository, I have to remind myself which one is which.

Girls in the Sandbox

To be honest, I have discounted the women in technology issue for ages. In my 12 years of coding, the only time I recall being truly discriminated against for being a woman was when I was working for another woman. Now perhaps I’ve been sheltered from comments or issues by good bosses, and I’ve had some outstanding ones, but I honestly have not found it to be a problem.


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